About Organica Group

Wholesale of organic cosmetics products

Our company provides different moroccan organic products and services including private label for its worldwide customers we deals with international countries all over the world, in Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Africa.


Organica Group SARL

Organica Group is a producer and exporter of organic cosmetics products , operating outside and inside of Morocco, for wholesale of 100% pure organic cosmetics.

Produced by cooperatives

Our products manufactured by cooperatives of the south-west of Morocco, with techniques and knowledge in this field. All our cosmetics and culinary products are exported directly from cooperatives to our customers all over the world.

Fair Trade Principles

The business practices of the company of the group Organica are based on 3 fundamental principles:
  1. Quality: 100% organic cosmetics
  2. Ethics: Fair Trade Practices
  3. Authenticity: guaranteed by a personal relationship with the women of the cooperatives