argan oil ingredient name

argan Oil ingredients

Ingredients : Argania Spinosa Kernel oil
Free acidity : (0.4% expressed in Oleic acid)
Color : Dark yellow to dark brown
Tocopherols : content of 637 mg/kg
Specific gravity (20°C) : 0,916 g/cm3
Saponification Index: 194.4 mgKOH/g
Lipids content : 99,9 % min
Energy value : 9000 kcal /kg

Argan oil has a unique and complex chemical composition. Argan oil is used to care for hair, skin, nails, massage, treat stretch marks, and treat various skin diseases. It can be eaten due to the presence of various chemicals and biological components. In addition, it contains sterols, ferulic acid, polyphenols, linoleic acid, and much higher levels of vitamin E. All of these components, individually or in combination with each other, perform many of the functions associated with argan oil.