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Organica group is the ideal manufacturing partner for Private label, with a wide range of organic skincare product categories, we are very flexible, supplying you with the highest level products at the best price. We can provide a significant selection of pre-set products, sizes, and packaging types, but also entirely unique products customized for sale by your business only. All products, whether pre-existing or custom-developed, are well-packaged and delivered with uniquely professional private label and branding specialized product name.

Private label products are created and made by a manufacturer who then allows others to sell them under their brand name. A manufacturer will make products to be sold under another company’s label. The manufacturing company retains control over the product (specifications, quality, etc.). In other terms, the manufacturer remains the owner of the products, which are positioned as a low-cost alternative to well-known products of the same or different brand. They and their products are fully certified, although a brand will need a separate certification if a product is re-labeled. Startups like Brandless are rewriting branding narratives by selling plainly packaged high-end cosmetics and grooming products at an affordable price point. The idea behind Brandless is that it can add value for the consumer by selling quality products without a so-called “brand tax.” Instead of having a big logo emblazoned on their beauty range, for instance, the actual attributes of the product are listed on the package.

Private Labels Design :

you can either make your own design and our company give information about the bottles measurements or we offer design services and an extra surcharge will apply


the minimum order quantity for a private label t5 tube is 2500 tubes.


the minimum order quantity for private label Boxes is 1000 units


High-quality custom labels and sticker printing. Minimum only 100 printed labels and stickers.


customs do not allow to export of unlabeled cosmetic products and the buyer is pushed to make some small easy removed stickers to avoid any kind of troubles that might happen with customs


Our Company provides for your bottles additional labels in English, Arabic, French or another language containing the most important information about the product. For these additional labels, no further surcharge will be applied.