100% pure argan oil from morocco

Pure Argan oil from Morocco

"Organica Group SARL is located in the biggest Argan region in Morocco and hence sits in the source of Argan oil.

This is why the Argan oil we're offering is 100% pure, organic, comes only out of hand-picked Argan fruits, and is of a constant high quality = It is:

-100% Pure
-100% Organic
-NOT diluted
-NOT deodorized
-NOT blended, neither with water nor with any other substances
-Neither from Animals (i.e. goats) nor tested on them

It is hence not to compare with any ""already-expiring"", diluted, over-processed, or any kind of ""cheap"" Argan oil.

This is the ""obligatory"" information since a lot of folks are still keen on comparing the prices only and forget totally about the product quality!

Yes, we had already exported cosmetic pure argan oil to 104 countries,"

Pure Argan oil from Morocco